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Posted on 2011/5/9 13:04:44 (1741 reads)

Author: Marilyn Monroe (1926 – 1962)

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Posted on 2008/8/11 12:42:15 (11115 reads)

It was August 1960 when Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable and Montgomery Clift performed on Old Town Dayton streets during the filming of "The Misfits," the last movie Marilyn and Clark made.
Clark died the following November from a heart attack. Two years later on Aug. 5, Marilyn, 36, overdosed on prescription drugs.

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Posted on 2008/2/7 22:10:42 (14405 reads)

She may have been a candle in the wind, but Marilyn Monroe still knew how to dye her hair, pout her lips and exploit what nature had handed her. And when she died, in 1962, without natural heirs, she bequeathed her assets — including, presumably, her publicity rights — to her acting coach, Lee Strasberg.

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Posted on 2007/7/16 9:48:30 (7589 reads)

She made the beauty mark beautiful, subway grates sexy and diamonds a girl's best friend.

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Posted on 2007/3/23 21:51:54 (23834 reads)

Australian writer and director, Philippe Mora, has discovered a formerly classified 3 page FBI document implicating Robert Kennedy, Monroe's psychiatrist, and some of her staff in her death. The report speaks of Kennedy's sporadic affair with Monroe.

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Posted on 2007/2/12 10:47:11 (11949 reads)

The death of former Playboy centerfold Anna Nicole Smith drew massive media coverage in the United States, where perhaps more than anywhere else blondes have a powerful, even magical, allure.

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Posted on 2007/2/8 22:16:51 (25731 reads)

The legend of Marilyn Monroe will always live on. Her life, career and love life still provide fodder for books, films and fantasies for all ages and both sexes. Copenhagen's unusual Erotica Museum celebrates everyone's favourite female icon.

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Posted on 2007/2/8 21:17:36 (6777 reads)

Lindsay Lohan is moving into Marilyn Monroe's former apartment, according to reports in the US.
The actress has rented a ground floor home in the El Palacio building on Los Angeles' Sunset Strip. Monroe, who tragically died in 1962 at the age of 36 of an overdose, lived in the two-bedroom, ground-floor apartment for several years in the fifties.

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Posted on 2007/2/8 21:13:23 (4456 reads)

Veteran American actor, Mickey Rooney has revealed that he had given all-time sex symbol Marilyn Monroe her star name by explaining to her that Norma Rae wasn’t a Hollywood type.

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Posted on 2007/2/8 19:02:24 (3630 reads)

Mariah Carey has pledged to leave the Marilyn Monroe piano she picked up at an auction to a museum in her will.

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